List of Combo Patterns



List of Combo Patterns​

Combo Patterns are the order/arrangement of skills needed to be executed to successfully perform a combo.

1 Weapon Skill+Twisting Slash+Death Stab.

2 Weapon Skill+Twisting Slash+Rageful Blow. (for advanced combo maniacs)

3 Weapon Skill+Death Stab+ Twisting Slash

4 Weapon Skill+Death Stab+Rageful Blow. (for advanced combo maniacs)

5 Weapon Skill+Rageful of Blow+Twisting Slash.

6 Weapon Skill+Rageful of Blow+Death Stab.

What is a Weapon Skill?​

Now you might wonder what a Weapon Skill is. A weapon skill is a skill only offered in Weapons. For example: 'Cyclone Cutting Skill is the most prefered skill for combo maniacs due its faster than the others and more convenient and offered in most weapons such as Lightning Sword and Mace of the King.

NOTE: There will be only one type of weapon skill on a sword.

There are five types of Weapon Skills available for Blade Knights / Blade Masters:

  • Cyclone Cutting Skill
  • Lunge Skill
  • Slashing Skill
  • Uppercut Skill
  • Falling Slash Skill

Combo with Potting​

  1. Since you can deal great damage by doing a combo, one must not forget to drink potions while doing so.

We are going to inform you how to combo and pot at the same time.

Setting your Skills& Potions​

Set your skills and pots to the corresponding letters & numbers.

All you need to do is Hold the Ctrl Button + Point the mouse cursor on the skill/potion and Press the specific Number/Letter.

For example: Hold Ctrl + (mouse cursor pointed to Weapon Skill) then Press 1.

For skills:

  • Number 1: Weapon Skill
  • Number 2: Second Skill
  • Number 3: Third Skill

For Potions:

  • Letters QWE= Potions

How to Combo and Pot in a convenient way​

The key in comboing and potting at the same time is to know what fingers to use when pressing each skill and potions that is comfortable to you.

  • 1 : Ring Finger
  • 2 : Middle Finger
  • 3 : Index/Pointing Finger
  • q : Ring Finger
  • w : Middle Finger
  • e : Index/Pointing Finger

There are a few types of Combo-Pot orders that you can follow.

These are:

  • 1q2q3
  • 123qwe
  • 123q

NOTE: This can vary depending on where you are comfortable with and what type of combo pattern you are using.

The quickest combos to execute are those that doesn't have Rageful Blow. Hence, the quickest to Perform are combos 1 & 3.
Combo Patterns that has Rageful Blow Skill might take some time to be executed because these skills got a bit slower casting.Combining 3 skills in order to make a successful combo may require a lot of practice and work. The timing for each combo pattern is different so we suggest that you practice. You can practice combo on monster boss Kundun Relics in Kalima 1-7 or even on the official events